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Four Benefits of Non-woven Shopping Bags


Four Benefits of Non-woven Shopping Bags 2013-06-09
Non-woven shopping bag (commonly known as non-woven bags) is a green product, which is tough and durable with attractive appearance and good ventilation. Non-woven shopping bags are reusable and washable so that they can be used again and again until they cannot be used. Non-woven bags can also be a promotional tool as you can print advertisement on the surface of them. Now I will list the four main benefits of non-woven shopping bags.

1. Non-woven shopping bags are more economical.

After the Plastic limit order was published, the use of plastic bags is no longer free. Using recycle shopping bags is widely accepted by more and more customers. Non-woven bags can be printed much more easily than plastic bags and the repeated use rate is much higher than plastic bags. So using non-woven shopping bags as a promotional tool is a wise choice. It can reach the promotion goal with little cost.

2. Non-woven shopping bags are firm.

In order to save the production cost, plastic bags are always so thin that they are easily broken. However, non woven shopping bag has solved the problem. Non-woven bags are made by non-woven fabric just like cotton, so they are firm enough to carry heavy things. Although the cost of producing non-woven shopping bags is little higher than plastic shopping bags, the use life of non-woven shopping bags is much longer than plastic bags.

3. Non-woven bags can be used as advertisement tool

As non-woven shopping bags can be printed much more easily than plastic bags, the non-woven shopping bags could be used as an advertisement board. A beautiful non-woven bag is no longer just a shopping bag. It can be used as eco tote bag to carry your small things when you walk outside. Such kind of beautiful shopping bags can attract people’s eyesight easily. If you put your company logo on this kind of shopping bags, the advertise effect may go without saying.

4. Non-woven shopping bags are more environmentally friendly.

Plastic limit order was issued to solve the white pollution to protect the environment. The use of non-woven shopping bags is greatly reducing the waste pressure as this kind of shopping bags can be recycled used. If everyone uses non-woven bags to go shopping, the plastic bags can be taken away from the market. No plastic bags are used, no white pollution any more.